REBEKAH WAITES            





1. Video
2. Press
3. 2013 Honorarium Grant Recipient
Aprox. 9:00:00 PM
August 31 st, 2013

40°47′6″N 119°12′18″W
“Church Trap”, 2013
Reclaimed lumber, steel, music sheets,
1800’s pump organ, church pews, computer
components, foam, resin, and  an antique
organ seat.

“Church Trap was a temporary art installation that took place August 25th - August 31st, 2013. With the use of reclaimed wood fencing posts, “Church Trap” resembled a decrepit baptist church as a box trap.  This temporary installation explored themes of religious dogma, christian fanaticism, and the hypocrisy behind the use of religion as a tool for control.  With the help of an interactive 1800’s pump organ as bait, “Church Trap” lured  participants into an interactive space that invited spontaneous music performances, religious ceremonies, weddings and a funeral. At the end of the event, Rebekah Waites and crew burnt “Church Trap” to the ground in a seremonial burn. All that exists of Church Trap is video, film or photography documentation, and our dreams.