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1. Video
2. Press
12:00:00 PST
September 1st, 2018
40.9107° N, 119.0560° W
“Singularity”, 2018
lumber, steel, computer components,
acrylic paint,  a clock, 7 black crows,
a  pirate ship model, a lamp, and a crucifix
360 x 360 x 360”

Singularity was a temporary art installation that took place August 26th - August 31st, 2018. Inspired by the physics behind blackholes, mental health, and Russian Dolls, Singularity was designed to be destroyed by fire. The 30’ outer broken cage housed 7 layers of houses and cages with the smallest structure - a house - measuring 1” at the center of the entire structure.  Each house and cage was a layer that explored the effects of trauma.